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AITS is a renowned brand that prioritizes a professional approach to customer service and the delivery of personalized IT solutions.

Software and hardware are not just work for us but also a passion, which places us very high in the broad IT industry. We have been operating commercially in this field for nearly 10 years, providing comprehensive services at the highest level.

We are open to collaboration in creating innovative solutions, while being aware of market constraints. We also strive to develop existing infrastructure of our clients.

Anyone can learn programming, but not everyone can become a programmer.

Software development:

Mobile applications:


Management systems:

Automation of production processes:

Technical support:

Team AITS does not shy away from challenges and continuously takes on difficult IT projects, often considered impossible for other companies.

Years of Experience:

We have extensive experience in various fields of information technology. Our expertise includes programming in languages such as C, C++, C#, LUA, and VB. We also program in Java and Python.

We create and develop programs based on PHP (including frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and even Kohana), as well as JavaScript (including ReactNative), using technologies such as HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, XML, JSON, and more.

We work with various databases, including MySQL, SQL, LiteSQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and others. Version control systems like GIT are also familiar to us.

We implement integration of external systems and communication using various API interfaces. Our experience also includes working with parsers, scrapers, bots, and various applications for business process automation.

We work in systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. We also have experience in Unity, Blender, Premiere Pro, and many more.

On a daily basis, we monitor, manage, and ensure the security of our clients' servers, hosting, websites, portals, online stores, and domains. In addition to ongoing supervision, we also offer software security audits.

In addition to software-related issues, we also specialize in creating solutions using micro-controllers, micro-computers, PLC controllers, GPS, CCTV systems, as well as 3D modeling and printing.

Choosing the right technologies plays a key role in achieving success in the field of programming. That's why we don't limit ourselves to known solutions, on the contrary, we strive to expand our horizons with new technologies every day.

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